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YOGA Asian Healing Music

01. Sunset Island from "ISLAND" HAE
02. KAJA (come from) from "BALI dua" JALAN JALAN
03. Sea Breeze from "UBUD dua" UBUD
04. Barong Forest from "BALI dua" JALAN JALAN
05. In The Garden After The Rain from "ANCIENT CITY"
06. By the Sea from "ISLAND" HAE
07. Nagi from "UBUD dua" UBUD
08. Ocean Blue from "BALI" JALAN JALAN
09. Daydream from "WINGS IN THE DAWN" Naoyuki Onda
10. Sun-set from "BALI" JALAN JALAN

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Why does Asian music go so well with yoga?

Today, yoga is taking the world by storm. People from all walks of life are practicing many different styles of "yoga." Goals also vary, from fitness and diet to spiritual training.
Yoga was not originally created for the purpose of physical training. The ultimate purpose of yoga, based on the ancient traditions of India, was to have the experience of "becoming one." In other words, to awaken to the notion that all life is intertwined, that humans are not separate, but rather part of nature and the universe as a single connected living and breathing organism. This is why today, in an age where the body and the mind have become disconnected, people are seeking to return to their original nature as a way of achieving happiness.
I believe that music has the power to add color to empty space. If "experience," a reality not visible to the human eye, were to be given form, I think that surely that form would be sound. Both sound and experience are feeling, and vibration.
The songs selected here are relaxation music with an Asian theme. Rather than music that contains stories or "conversation," I have selected simple, pure music that touches the heart. When contemplating what "yoga" means to me, I was most attracted to music that allows me to feel enveloped in a nature forgotten amidst a busy lifestyle.
When gazing out at the sea, in the distant horizon, the sky and the sea become one. When gazing at white clouds floating in the wind, time disappears. There is nothing that is not complete reflected in the eyes of a mother holding her child. Upon becoming aware of the love overflowing from one's true nature, there is nothing to be afraid of. I want to always remember this elusive truth.
Soft Asian music has a warm resonance that recalls this gentleness. Immerse yourself into this heartfelt music, quietly let go of the self in this moment, and refresh your soul.

Mei Yoshikawa