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01. Sea Breeze
02. Circulation of the Ocean
03. Lighthouse
04. Nagi
05. Peaceful Noon
06. Nusa
07. Dreaming
08. Turtle Walk
09. Kupu Kupu
10. Andaman Sea

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"I was overwhelmed by something up to yesterday... What was it that overwhelmed me so much that I even forgot to breathe... A palm fluttering in the wind. White sand. Blue sky and sea. Quietly etched 'time'..." This is the concept copy sent from "UBUD" along with sounds from the album "Peaceful Noon."

How true. When I'm in Tokyo, I feel like I frequently see people for whom that sense of being "overwhelmed by something" clings to them. We therefore go on trips. Resetting our thoughts and feelings, we roam around searching for a place to reset our minds.

Is paradise far so away? No, it definitely is not. The synthesizer has this kind of mellowness. Entwined with the precise tones of the gamelan, with no movement or excitement.

Emotions. Aggression. Sadness. I don't want to stimulate this kind of emotional amplitude, since there's no reason for the mind to vacillate in paradise. However, I want the listener to go with the flow and move with and be healed by the music. Catching a glimpse of statues of the Gods throughout the island... protecting, warning, warming, disciplining since ancient times... the deep, tranquil embodiment of these Gods comes from the sea... (Turtle Walk)

"UBUD" created an Asian but stateless paradise world. A place like no other that seems like it might exist somewhere in the world yet does not. The music runs in a flip-flop manner. Bubbles scatter as if about to burst. Filled with the scent of a resort that sends you back into blissful "nothingness."

"While at leisure, dozing off and cleansing the consciousness... Entering into the subtlety of the mandala, fall into a microcosm of eternity. Upon awaking, you finds oneself on a poolside bed... The paperback book you were reading has dropped. (Dreaming)

Yes... a cleansing of consciousness. Thinking of nothing. Feeling nothing. Because this is quite difficult, it elicits the desire to be encompassed by a resort. Close your eyes, and even turn off your imagination, abandon oneself to the music's moving space, and relinquish your body. An undiscovered paradise brought to you by "UBUD Dua." There is where you'll find it.

Mayuko Ueno