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01. SEKAR spirit of plants from BALI dua / JALAN JALAN
02. Sunset Island from ISLAND / HAE
03. Chikinu Kaishiya from ISLAND / HAE
04. Hug with the Wind from BALI dua / JALAN JALAN
05. KAGIYU NUKUCHI from Okinawa / Kyoko Gushiken
06. Secret Love from ISLAND / HAE
07. Water Garden from BALI / JALAN JALAN
08. After the Rain from ISLAND / HAE
09. Barong Forest from BALI dua / JALAN JALAN
10. ASAPANA from Okinawa / Kyoko Gushiken
11. Sun-set from BALI / JALAN JALAN
12. Coming Home from ISLAND / HAE
13. Selamat Tidur from BALI / JALAN JALAN

amazon Summer Collection - Various Artists

Asian Resort Sounds From Southern Islands

These are Asian resort sounds, exclusively featuring songs with southern winds and the smell of the ocean, from Pacific Label's "BALI", "BALI dua", "OKINAWA" and "ISLAND" albums. Okinawa, which has a clear, blue ocean and is full of flower blossoms, and summer in Bali, an artistic island where Gods live. A tender, rich time that passes slowly, like spending time at an oasis on a southern island, has been made into an album.

In the decorative musical timbres of the album, songs in the Okinawan language with strong atmospheres, sung by Kyoko Gushiken who lives in Tomishiro in Okinawa, and the melodies of the Gamelan, a Balinese folk music instrument, make listeners feel its scale of existence.

The sounds of the bronze keyboard instrument, the Gamelan, create fresh timbres, and the soft sound of bamboo describes fantastic, imagined scenery with natural sounds such as quiet bells in the distance, birds' songs and the sounds of insects. There is, for example, a comfortable time on a terrace with the smell of the trees after rain, and a beach with a bonfire shimmering in the distance glimpsed on a silent night. JALAN JALAN, who create this world of Balinese sound using mostly the Gamelan, is a group established mainly by Yasufumi Yamashita. It is said that he was shocked the first time he heard the timbre of the Gamelan when he was travelling in Bali, and he has visited Bali over and over since then. When you are covered by the sounds, it feels as though your five senses have been released and you are united with the greatness of nature, as one, and this is probably because the sound carries the refreshing air of Bali directly to us. The sounds of nature that you can sometimes hear on the album were actually recorded in Bali.

The songs that Kyoko Gushiken sings are folk songs that have been part of Okinawa since long ago. The simple sounds of the Sanshin and ambient sounds created by synthesizers harmonize with her singing using the Okinawan musical scale, and create clear air.

These sounds, in harmony with songs, folk music instruments, fostered by nature's bounty, and featuring western musical instruments such as synthesizers and pianos, give us rich feelings simply through the timbre of the sounds. People who live in places surrounded by the wonders of nature appreciate her gifts every day. This album may help to remind us of the importance of a rich mind, and time passing slowly, and where the real oasis is.

Asian Movie Writer TAMI