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01. Padoma from "NADI" / Susumu Ueda
02. A Tropical Island from "ORCHID II" / Shao Rong
03. Song of Silk Road from "ASIAN BLOSSOMS" / Missa Johnouchi
04. Welcome Rain from "NADI" / Susumu Ueda
05. Voyage To Asia from "KAORI" / Eri Sugai
06. Marco Polo from "CANON" / Missa Johnouchi
07. Obsidian from "ASIAN DRUMS II" / Kiyoshi Yoshida
08. Munbai Cafe from "NADI" / Susumu Ueda
09. Pilgrimage from "KURENAI" / Missa Johnouchi
10. Exotic Garden from "SHO" / Jia Peng Fang
11. Lawrence from "KURENAI" / Missa Johnouchi
12. Deja vu from "KURENAI" / Missa Johnouchi

amazon Song of Silk Road - Various Artists

Silk Road were the routes where cultures of the east and west intermingled.
Silk Road were the routes where music traveled as well.
This is especially true regarding musical instruments because there were many that originated in ancient Persia and India that were carried out to the east and west on these routes.

Most western instruments for classical music are said to have originated in or around ancient Persia. They transformed into folk instruments of western Asia before being transported west (flute, oboe, violin, tambourine, etc.)

Through the medium of the troubadours and traveling musicians who journeyed through the lands playing their instruments and through the medium of the court music that originated in the cities built around the oasis, the music became layered in the histories and cultures of various lands and were spread far and wide. (The nomads played a large role in this.)
Surprisingly, musical production had been already established for performers to play for the imperial court. Commerce involving musicians had already come into play.

A history of a few thousand years behind the roads of a few thousand kilos and the role it has played in historyÉthese really astound the imagination.
The pieces recorded in this album are a selection from the Pacific Moon label whose motto has been over the years to unite the east and west and to create a collaboration of Asian and western musical instruments. You may say creating music on the them of the Silk Road is our specialty.

Why not listen to the album and soak yourself in the eternal romance of the Silk Road?