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01. Birdsong
02. Distant Thunder
03. Tomorrow
04. Exotic Garden
05. A Road in Early Spring
06. Ryoshu
07. Yang Guan San Die
08. Daybreak
09. Air Mail
10. Reunion
11. Shu Ying Po Sha

amazon Sho - Jia Peng Fang

The album that brings out the limitless possibilities of the Erhu

Long ago, man created music and dance as dedications to the gods. The instrument which was to be played with a bow must have an innovation originating from natural things that surrounded the early man. The folk instrument Erhu brought to China through the Silk Road has nearly a thousand years of history. The tones born out of just two strings, manage to create a world amazingly immense with sounds that are haunting and gentle. Jia Peng Fang is said to be an Erhu performer with the most excellent performance skills in the recent Erhu popularity boom. In the notes he plays, he shows the weight of his experiences, having performed since he was a child in China. In this album, Missa Johnouchi, Seiichi Kyoda, Naoyuki Onda and the producer Kazumasa Yoshioka have composed solely for Jia Peng Fang. It's become a collection of work by wonderful composers, a gem which brings out the limitless possibilities of the instrument Erhu, that covers classical music of China to sounds that might make you believe it was a Western instrument.

The gentle tones of the Erhu, like scent of blossoming flowers or clear fresh wind, make you feel hope for new days to come. These scenes conjured up by the Erhu, invite listeners to journeys to far lands.

The musician Missa Johnouchi describes the tones of Jia Peng Fang in this manner, "Waves of unlimitedly gentle and beautiful sounds come forth as if these sounds reflected on the personality of the performer. The Erhu tone are played at times in aggressive, at times passionate manner. The sheer arrangement of his notes, born from his big hands, are 'healing'."