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PMR-0073 (CD)
Oasis Road / Hiroshi Nagashima

01. Desert Ship
02. Bayram
03. Karvan
04. Hayal
05. Oasis Road -oud improvisation solo-
06. Nomad
07. Bird's Dance
08. Dune
09. Gray Moon
10. Wish

amazon Oasis Road - Hiroshi Nagashima

Known for its unique half pear-shaped bodyline, the Oud is regarded as the queen of instruments in West Asia. A direct ancestor of the Southern dynasty Persian string instrument, Barbat, it evolved into the European Lute, and later in Japan, into Biwa. The Oud frequently appears in the "Arabian Night" as an instrument much loved by the imperial family and nobilities.

Perhaps this is the reason for the rich exoticism delivered with each note that is played on this instrument.

Nagashima, a free-spirited artist whose performances range from popular music to progressive rock to Asian music, says his fated encounter with the Oud opened doors to the world of Arabic music for him. "This distinctive melody consists of not only the 12 musical scales, but includes semitones of semitones. And of course there's the Oud with its 2000 years of history. The whole production was driven by the authentic power of the melody and the instrument itself. I've played in many genres of music, but I haven't experienced such a strong power in the melody before", Nagashima says.

The simple, and yet so strong melody became the source of inspiration for Nagashima, thus creating a variety of mystical images.

Mayuko Ueno