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Journey to the East KOTO

01. Spring Rain from "COLOR" / Mizuyo Komiya
02. Silence from "KAORI" / Eri Sugai
03. Courtly elegance from "Miyabi" / Masaji Watanabe
04. Snowscape from "TONE" from TONE
05. IROHA SONG from "KAORI" / Eri Sugai
06. BEYOND THE WINDOW from "LULLABY" / Mizuyo Komiya
07. TEMPLE IN THE TWILIGHT from "Ancient City"
08. Forest from "TONE" from TONE
09. Ancient City from "KAORI" / Eri Sugai
10. Miyako from "ANCIENT CITY II"

amazon Journey to the East KOTO

The peaceful streets of the ancient capitol - On every street corner, you can feel history, and harmony with nature. Here, we present you ten scenes, traveling through the ancient capitol of Japan.
Take a turn on the main street and you will find yourself in Gion, where Maikos (a trainee Geisha) walk in Japanese style hair-dos and Kimonos with long Obi belts. You will hear Shamisen music from the dance lessons in the Geisha houses. This is indeed a timeless town. In the west side of town, there is a Karesansui (dry landscape) rock garden, offering a cosmic view of the universe represented in sand and stone. People may be quietly enjoying a full moon festival party, appreciating the reflection of the moon over the pond. You can witness the Japanese traditional spirit of Wabi, Sabi everywhere.
At night, in the lighted garden of Kodaiji, one looks up at the green bamboo forest, and Koto music comes playing from afar. The same music must have healed the mind of Hideyoshi's wife Nene, praying for the soul of her late husband.
The brightly colored Suzakumon gate, restored in the extensive field of the Heijo-kyo palace site, was a place where ancient Emperors wished his people happy new year, and various men and women gathered together to have Utagaki festivals. Just standing there today, one can feel the energy of the people walking up and down Suzaku mainstreet, and the elegant sounds of Hichiriki and flutes.
The precious and beautiful old capitol of Japan has carved history, and the ten tunes that breezes through the ancient town will surly move your spirit and soul.

Makiko Nozaki