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01. Bagus Flyer
02. Midnight Sun
03. Mirage
04. First Mission
05. Satie's Sari
06. Ki-Zu-Na
07. Madam Lotus
08. Green Cosmos
09. Echoes Of Life "TAKUMI"

amazon Illusion - Sorma

Thanks to the development of new technologies, types of music that would never have been put together before are now blended, making a way for a rebirth or creation of a completely new kind of music.

SORMA, since its formation, has gone for creation of new music that blends together the folk music of Asian and electronic sounds.

To give completion to the work, the recording was done at the source of the music, from India, Mongolia to Bali. Through a number of recording tours, pastoral songs" of India, spell casting from SADOO ", orrudindedou"/ batokin" which are string instruments of Mongolia, gamelan", ketiak" and jegoku" of Bali were recorded. Based on these instruments and voices, sampler analogue synthesizer was used, and each of the phrase lines was woven into the whole, creating a tapestry of illusion.

Asian music has originally contained religious elements linked to things like divine rituals and festivals. Especially the gamuran and kecak music of Bali islands have themes of battles between mountain gods and sea gods, and the performers and dancers are known to go into a trance state during their performance.

Illusion" is the expression of this energy and power of the folk music by modern means. The keyword here in Japanese is nori", meaning both groove" and as written in the Chinese character, law" or to have rules or regulations.

Asian folk music is created with some sort of rules or regulations in mind. Repetition of certain sounds with certain regularity creates the trance state.

Common to all the nine pieces recorded in the album is the regularity of rhythm provided by a techno approach and a world of trance like state that is created out of this beat. The sounds are all expansive, mystical and have the power to send us off on our own private inner trips.