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01. Firefly
02. Sirius
03. A Water Lily
04. Back To Tokyo
05. Erquan Yingyue
06. Snow Line
07. The Wind Of Liudao
08. He Nan Xiao Qu
09. Huai Xiang Qu
10. Pure
11. Our House

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It's probably just the last two, three years that the new age music, healing music and such have established a genre on their own. Now at the record shops, it takes up a big of space. It probably means that world is now that much rougher to live in.

This album contains many surprises and discoveries. When you are letting yourself float to the reverberating sounds of the niko, you may find that a wonderful harmony appears and is carrying you to a new world. As for the rhythm, there is a rich variety here, from the ballad type without any drums to the very pleasant loop.

Jia, pleasantly centered in the CD full of great sounds... We have known each other for a long time. I think it was at the recording of Ongaku Batake #6 that he first participated in that we got to meet for the first time and that was eleven years ago. Jia did not speak much Japanese then but I fell in love with his music at the first sight or I should say, at the first hearing. The song that was created at the time was called "Kaze no Komoriuta" (Lullaby of the Winds). It has become an important repertory piece at our Ongaku Batake Concerts. Since then, Jia and I have conducted a countless number of concerts. We have gone overseas a countless times, including China. No matter where we went, we received a first class rating. Clarity of the sounds, the rich vibrato, superior techniques and a personality that everybody loves, these make up the present day Jia. At this time, when the worldfs attention is being focused on Asian music, I have high expectations that this CD will take off world-wide and fly high.

Words by Katsuhisa Hattori