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01. Kaja [come from]
02. Sekar [spirit of plants]
03. Step
04. Wari
05. Hug with the Wind
06. Bulan
07. Barong Forest
08. Horizon

amazon Bali Dua - Jalan

There is a mysterious magnetic field in Bali. It seems as though the whole island is sending out a strong spirit like one animate object. I have once seen the island of Bali from a distant point on the sea, on my way back from the neighboring island of Lombok. It was a very dry island, and in contrast, Bali seemed to be covered with soft layers of mist. Whether it was rain falling from the sky or vapor rising from the island I could not tell. Bali was there, wrapped in some kind of soft blanket.

Once a traveler sets foot on the grounds of this island, he or she will be surrounded by the sounds of life. The voices of children, chickens, people calling, the sounds of horns and engines of motorbikes and buses passing by. As the traveler proceeds into the village, he or she will hear leaves on the palm trees rubbing against one another in the wind, and then, the sound of Gamelan music. [JALAN JALAN] means 'to walk' in Indonesian. [JALAN] means road, and by doubling it, it turns into a verb. When you walk through the island of Bali, you will notice how this island is richly covered with sounds. As you walk the village paths and the road that leads you to the beach, you will hear the sounds of the island. It is like the scent of the flowers in the air. Sounds flow from this album just like that. The air of Bali itself.

The Gamelan is an orchestra of brass instruments unique to the islands of Bali and Java. Each instrument plays the same chord in slightly different scales. The soft sounds of brass resonate with each other forming one big sound wave. At times, the sound is like a bellow from underground. Almost every man in Bali is a Gamelan player. They are brought up listening to the sound of the Gamelan as their lullabies. It is their flesh and blood. In other words, Gamelan music is always being played within the bodies of the people of Bali. When we listen to this album, what we hear is the mindscape of the people of Bali, the sounds of the Gamelan, which are always on their minds. 'JALAN JALAN' brings us the music which fills the everyday lives of the Balinese people, and by using a new instrument called the computer they have assimilated the music with ambient sounds. Bali is said to be the most spiritual place in the world. It is a mysterious island, playing music like a living creature. This album takes us there.

Hitomi Kamanaka (Visual Artist)