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01. Sembahyang Pagi
02. Ocean Blue
03. Lotus
04. Water Garden
05. Jalan Jalan
06. Sun-set
07. Firefly Sanctuary
08. Selamat Tidur

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BALI, an island where the gods live. BALI, the island of a refined culture. Located beneath the equator and to the east of Java Island, the center of the Republic of Indonesia, this little island stretches 140 km from east to west and 50 km north to south. They believe their Agung Mountains, at 115 degrees 30 minutes east longitude, to be the center of the cosmos. The good reside in the mountains of Bali and the evil in its sea. The supreme god "Ida Sayan Widi Wasa" reside within the cosmic world of the Balinese Hinduism. Good and evil, sacred and the wicked, stillness and movement, yin and yang. The Balinese people believe that the world is established from the harmony of the opposing forces and that it becomes purified by it. The morning prayers to the Hindu gods. Tunes of the gamelan that comes floating in from somewhere. Festival parades that you are bound to encounter on a walk somewhere. The rich green rice terraces, blue skies and the quiet seas. The gentle eyes of the deeply religious Balinese people. The sunset that dyes the seas a crimson color. Sounds of the waves in total blackness, and sounds of the insects chirping. Bali, a place where you can meditate even without closing your eyes.

This album is something that puts together all these scenes of Bali that you may experience in a day. The instrument used is mostly the traditional instrument gamelan.

Gamelan is a traditional ensemble music with melodic percussion instruments. Particular to Bali, it grew with ties to Hinduism and is now played at every kind of religious ceremony in the daily life of the Balinese people. Children learn from an early age to play and dance to the gamelan, and performance activities are arranged by village and town associations. Gamelan is the central music in the lives of the Balinese. The main instruments used at gamelan are the bronze keyboard instrument "gender" and the gong. There are many varieties of each instrument, with particular roles, and differences in the sounds. Sometimes added to these are instruments made of bamboo like the "tingklik" or the bamboo pipe "sulin" and there is also the drum, "kendang". The musical scale of the gamelan are two kinds, "perog" which is close to the Okinawa scale and "slendoro" which is closer to the scale of the traditional court music. Both are pentatonic meaning there are 5 sounds in one octave.

In this album, the melody is based on the pentatonic scale. The lively sounds of the bronze keyboard instrument played against the mellow sounds of the bamboo, bring out the best in the ethnic melodies.