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MATSURI / Kiyoshi Yoshida

01. Dragon
02. Tiger
03. The Mikoshi In Flames
04. Legend Of the Whale
05. Gigantic Whale's Festival
06. Samurai Rider
07. Blooming Butterfly
08. The Ardent Sky
09. Hokora (Interlude)
10. Dragon And Tiger
11. The Festival Of Life

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The Mikoshi in Flames
The sweat, the rising cheer, the stirring excitement and souls about to burst with the tremendous energy... Wadaiko and Shakuhachi give fierce expression to the spirit of thanksgiving and the awe of carrying the Mikoshi, the portable shrine designed for festivals, on one's shoulders.

Legend of the Whale
Places that were once part of the huge ocean in which whales swam become great mountains in the ever changing history of the earth's crust. The music was composed with the greatest compassion for the mankind that lives tested by the severity of Mother Nature.

The Festival of Life
The 3EREVbeat which characterizes Japanese folk songs has been incorporated throughout this piece. Anna Sato of Amami Oshima sings her heart out with the gratitude and joy for the gift of the chain of life, transmitted to us from our ancestors who continued to carry, from antiquity, humility and an earnestness towards nature and living things. It was composed as the finale of the opening act of EXPO 2005.