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Hometown / TONE

01. On The Autumn Day
02. Milky Way
03. Lullaby of The Wind
04. Summer Twilight
05. Echo
06. Wind Hill
07. Cold Wintry Wind
08. Path
09. Whistle of The Wind
10. Quiet Rain
11. Hometown

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30th anniversary

TONE is an ensemble trio performing on the koto, shakuhachi, and guitar. We think wefre a lot like a three-legged stool or table. As the name implies, the three-point support provided to a three-legged structure is very stable; with it, the three-legged structure can stand on even the roughest ground. By the same token, it could not stand at all if it were missing any one of the three legs. We feel the reason we have been able to continue for 30 years is that each of the three of us was vitally necessary to the others. Further, we were all we needed. From the time the group formed, we have been making music whose theme is Hokkaido, the place where we were born. The reason for this is that we felt making music from the scenes of our hometown that come to us when we close our eyes would make for the sincerest music. We hope that your own hometown appears before you when you close your eyes.