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PMR-0077 (CD)

01. FOREVER from "Moonlight" / Jia Peng Fang
02. Forest from "TONE" / TONE
03. Wild Rose from "ORCHID" / Shao Rong
04. Lighthouse from "UBUD dua" / UBUD
05. Courtly elegance from "Miyabi" / Masaji Watanabe
06. Hayal from "Oasis Road" / Hiroshi Nagashima
07. SILKY SKY from "Kurenai" / Missa Johnouchi
09. TRAIN FOR HOME from "WINGS IN THE DAWN" / Naoyuki Onda
10. Shu Ying Po Sha from "Sho" / Jia Peng Fang
11. Dark Red Clouds from "TONE" / TONE
12. COSMOS from "BREATHING SPACES" / Jiang Xiao-Qing
13. Melody Of The Wind from ANCIENT CITY II / Rikiya Yamashita
14. Horizon from "BALI dua" / JALAN JALAN

amazon Healing Collection VI - Various Artists

01. Forever
Some things are reshaped as time goes by - happiness and sorrow. But some things remain eternally, and it is always reminiscent by just a blink of an eye. It is the distant ocean within us, the constant wavelet. Eternal love shines across the clear skies. The Erhu and the Piano gently collaborate in a prayer for a truly universal being.

03. Wild Rose
Water splashes in the morning light as the river flows through. The wind plays along with the simple flowers and willows lining the riverbank. It's a new morning, a new season, and everything is full of life. The piano intro is the flowing river. The Biwa tremolo is the face of the water reflecting the sun. Then perhaps the Erhu would be a choir of blowing winds.

04. Lighthouse
The lighthouse stands tall at the tip of the coast. A warm light appears on top of the rugged, wind-washed building. How many dreams, hopes, and unshaped emotions has this old lighthouse guided? Nature just quietly watches over, coloring the sky above into a bright orange.

05. Courtly Elegance
Our Japanese ancestors have handed down beauty and fragrance through tradition. Elegance, is an element unique to Japanese culture, which draws a line between gorgeousness. This tune is an attempt to display the depth of this word, sound by sound. Enjoy the melody of the Japanese soul.