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Cherry Blossoms II

01. IN FULL BLOOM from "Memories" / Jia Peng Fang
02. Early Spring from "ORCHID II" / Shao Rong
03. Forest from "TONE" / TONE
04. Shower of Spring Sunlight from "Miyabi" / Masaji Watanabe
05. Rainbow from "RAINBOW" / Jia Peng Fang
06. The Breath of Grass Land from "DREAM" / Naoyuki Onda
07. First Love from "Mai" / Eri Sugai
08. True Love from "ORCHID" / Shao Rong
09. What a Beautiful World from "MOOLIGHT" / Jia Peng Fang
10. Spring Rain from "COLOR" / Mizuyo Komiya
11. Spring Breeze Waltz from "Miyabi II" / Masaji Watanabe
12. Invitaton from "UBUD TIGA" / UBUD

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Shower of Spring Sunlight
Springtime. Life awakens from the winter sleep, bathing in the rich flow of sunshine. This is when life shines the most, and nature bursts with lively colors. Masaji Watanabe's buoyant piano invites us to a happy place such as this.

After the rain, there was a big rainbow in the sky - a childhood memory, perhaps, brought back to life through the nostalgic melody and the easy-going strings.

The Breath of Grass Land
The melody delivered through the piano playing of Naoyuki Onda holds a certain strength like that of the great earth, and dreams and hope that is as vast as the green fields and the wind blowing through it.

True Love
Time goes by slowly in this tune, with Shao Rong's Chinese Pipa lightly accompanying the gentle piano, joined by the Shakuhachi. The melody brings back the mild heartache of the younger days, when love was new and faint.